Copper Workout Face Mask (2 Pack)

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Looking for a comfy and breathable mask that you can wear all day?

Amidst today's health crisis, everyone is at risk. Wearing face masks is the first step in safeguarding your health, making it necessary to find a comfortable cover that filters dust and any harmful particles floating in the air.

Not all face masks are the same. Disposable variants do the job, but they're only good for one use. Plus, they sometimes don't fit you well and become uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Stay comfortable and breathe easily while putting your guard up with 72” Atalpha Copper-Infused Face Mask!

Our stylish and breathable face mask's inner layer is made from 100% knitted copper yarn. Studies show that copper can neutralize harmful elements by destroying their very genetic structures. Compared to other masks that use a blend of polyester and copper ion bonded yarn, our mask's pure copper construction make it even softer and more elastic with significantly better filtering capabilities.

The outer layer is made of CDP fabric, polyester, and a Spandex combo, which gives it the smooth feel of neoprene. The texture feels similar to the type of fabric used for activewear. Moreover, the outer layer has hygroscopic properties that trap moisture from the air you breathe.

This face mask also helps prevent the risk of getting maskne and bad breath. A curved design provides extra breathing space while the adjustable ear loops help maintain the mask's snug fit.

Here are more features to help you decide:

? A more economical and eco-conscious alternative to single-use masks
? Fashion-forward design
? Equipped with patented copper acrylic fiber
? Designed in U.S. and made in Korea

Replace your ill-fitting and flimsy single-use mask. Add 72" Atalpha Copper-Infused Mask to your cart TODAY!