The “Why” Behind the “Buy.”

We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity to protect themselves and their families. No one should have to be at risk due to lack of means to get a face mask. Our 1-for-1 concept provides a mask to someone in need for every mask purchased.

Who we are:

Atalpha was founded on the idea that small actions can lead to massive impact. We offer high quality reusable products, including shopping bags and totes. Our new line, 72 Inches by Atalpha is an extension of our existing brand. We are everyday people trying to do our part to fight the spread of Covid-19 by providing masks for men, women, and children, and giving back to those in need most.


What’s in a name?

72 inches is a play on the social distancing guideline of staying six feet apart, a reminder to everyone that face coverings are only one factor of flattening the curve.

Our mission:

One for you, one for them. Our goal is to provide safe, comfortable and affordable masks for you and your family. But it doesn’t stop there. For every mask purchase, one will be donated to shelters and children’s organizations, ensuring that everyone receives the same protection. There may be space between us, but we can remain connected through acts of giving.