Woman's Mask - Brown

Multi-layered breathability. Adjustable comfort. 

Created with safety and comfort in mind, our woman's mask collection was designed with adjustable ear loops for the perfect fit. The inner layer of smooth cotton fabric feels soft against your skin, while the protective outer layer provides a clean, crisp look. Its double-layer construction repels liquids and moisture. Need to accomplish your to-do lists while still feeling protected? Look no further. Toss it on, rest assured that you’re safe, and get on with your life! Our masks align with the FDA’s recommendations for non-surgical, industrial grade face masks.

  • Outer layer: nano mesh polyester/linen blend for breathability
  • Inner layer (against face): 100% cotton white woven twill
  • Sizing: 9” x 5” fits most women
  • Machine or hand wash cold after 2-3 wearings