4 Things You Need to Know About Children Wearing Masks

4 Things You Need to Know About Children Wearing Masks

Everything changes. Absolutely every aspect of your life changes when the second you bring a child into this world. It feels a bit like your heart has left you and is now walking around outside your body. Anything could happen and you simply can’t control it. 

Control has been an issue for most parents working through the COVID-19 crisis that has walloped its way into our lives. As parents navigate working from home, homeschooling, job loss, and a complete upheaval of what many new as the norm, it can feel like an uphill battle no one was properly trained for. 

And, quite honestly, it is. Not just for parents, but for the kindergarteners who don’t understand why they never got to hug their teachers one last time or properly say goodbye. It’s heartbreaking for the high school seniors who missed out on so many rites of passage. 

Particularly amid so much uncertainty and fear of the unknown, we need to do our part in making sure everyone is safe, including children.

Depending on their age, they may not understand, but that is all the more reason to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

One of which is wearing masks. 

Why should children wear masks?

While the majority of individuals who had been affected by and even died from Covid-19 have been adults, studies have shown that children are not immune, as once was thought to be the case. 

That’s why it’s important for everyone—adults and children alike—to have and wear face masks. 

Kids masks come in a variety of shapes and styles, but there are a few critical elements that you should look for, many of which also apply to adults.

What should I look for in a children’s mask?

First, the mask should fully cover the nose, mouth and chin. It can be hard for little ones to wear masks because they may find them uncomfortable or want to fidget with them. However, it’s important to tell kids to keep their hands away from their face, even when wearing masks. 

If you find a mask for children that fits properly, it should be comfortable enough that they don’t need to adjust it. Remembering to be patient is crucial as well, as it is important not to forget the emotional impact so much change in such a short period of time can have on the little ones.

Not all children’s masks will fit the same. You should look for a size that’s appropriate for your child’s age—such as older children versus toddlers. 

Again, if the mask is not the right size and shape, it not only defeats the purpose, but also can bother the child. It’s not advisable to put an adult-sized mask on a child. Thankfully, our masks for children are designed in multiple sizes for all the little ones in your life. 

When should children wear masks?

Once you find a great child’s mask, you may wonder when he/she needs to wear it. 

Guidelines vary from state to state, however there may be occasions that require a mask more than others. 

Determining the need—such as going outside for a walk, or being in close contact with a large group of people—may dictate the type of mask you choose for your child. School masks may also become a new norm, so it’s important to buy several to keep them clean in between wearings.

Experts agree that children over the age of two should wear a mask during this pandemic. 

As a parent, your primary goal is to protect your family, and this is one easy step in the right direction. Choosing a quality kid’s mask that will do its job will ease your mind that your child is safe. 

Why children wearing masks is so important

It can be difficult to explain to children the necessity for masks—their young minds might struggle to accept or understand the reasoning—but with patience and age-appropriate discussion, masks can become a new part of your family’s normal routine. 

Because everything changes. If you are scared as an adult, imagine how scary all of this can be for that piece of your heart that’s walking around outside your body.

Control has been an issue for most parents working through the COVID-19 crisis, but being smart and instilling a feeling of safety, not fear, when it comes to wearing masks, is one thing we can control.