Best Protective Masks in COVID-19 Pandemic 72atalpha



We’ve taken on the mask task! With every purchase, we provide a mask to someone in need, supporting vulnerable communities across the United States.



Mask-wearing is the new norm, and while there are lots of options out there, not all masks are created equal. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best mask for you, so let's break down some of the common elements of a mask you may find.  

Best Protective Masks Filters in COVID-19 Pandemic 72atalpha


Experts suggest that adding a filter to your cloth mask is an extra layer of protection. Mask filters are ideal for face coverings made of thin or “open weave” fabrics. This would help block particles that might transfer through the open weave mask material. However, masks that are made from dense, thicker fabrics may not require a filter. Our masks have been tested and shown to prevent moisture transfer—with and without nonwoven filters—based on the fabrics we use to construct them.

Best Protective Masks Filter Layers in COVID-19 Pandemic 72atalpha


Multi-layer masks are the preferred type, as the more layers you have, the better chance of stopping the spread. However, it would be cumbersome to add layers just for that fact alone. Instead, it’s important to choose the right fabric for a face mask: a tightly-woven material that is not too thin. When layered in 2-3 plies, this fabric forms an effective barrier. Depending on the fabric used, some masks work with two layers, and others may benefit from a third—often a nonwoven inner layer.

Best Protective Masks in COVID-19 Pandemic 72atalpha


Not only are the layers and material important, but the fit and coverage on the face are also essential. To be effective a mask should cover the nose and chin fully. A partially-covered face defeats the purpose, so it is crucial that the mask covers the nose and chin fully. Our masks are designed to comfortably fit the face, giving a sleek, non-bulky look. Some styles come with an adjustable nose bridge, as well as adjustable ear straps to make sure the mask is flush against the curves of your face.